Vegan mac & cheese with smoked mushrooms and roasted red peppers

Hell yeah mac & cheese! This is a glorious dish for those cold days (or whenever really – there’s never a day that’s not better with mac & cheese). It’s indulgent, it’s creamy, it’s so tasty, plus it’s got a little extra crunch. That’s all before we even mention the smokin’ mushrooms and the sweet red peppers … this recipe is just winning in every way.

Takes 40 mins

This recipe is funky fresh! So for best yumminess, we recommend you cook, eat and enjoy this recipe within 4 days of receiving

We'll send you:

field mushroom
soy sauce
liquid smoke
smoked paprika
vegan single cream

onion powder
garlic powder
mustard powder
red pepper
nutritional yeast

In your kitchen, you'll need:

You add:
olive oil

Equipment required:
heat resistant bowl
shallow bowl
2 saucepans (1 large)
measuring jug
baking sheet
2 heat proof bowls

Nutritional info:


gluten (wheat), mustard, nuts (cashew), soya

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