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We didn’t miss meat at all

Incredible! We had no idea vegan food could taste so good, we didn’t miss meat at all. After the meal we kept walking past the pot of leftovers and having ‘just another spoonful’, didn’t stop ’til it was all gone!

Kae and Andy

Good for people who don’t have a lot of time

Loved the fact I didn’t need to think about any of the ingredients or recipe, it was all there for me and the card was easy to follow – good for people who don’t have a lot of time. Although it was just a meal for 2, it comfortably fed 3 people and was delicious… Read more “Good for people who don’t have a lot of time”


Huge portions

As a small eater this recipe for 2 would have done me four meals!


Great balance

The meal had a great balance of carbs, nutrients and protein


Even the tinned tomatoes were organic

Really great to see organic nuts, pulses and beans as part of the box even the tinned tomatoes and tomato paste were organic which made such a difference to the taste

The Hippy Chippy

Loads of choice

What a great range of tastes and loads of choices, all very appealing. It’s not so much ‘do I want to make one of these?’ It’s ‘oooh, which ones will I choose?’


Love It!


I’m converted

As a first-time vegan cook I would never have dared do anything with tempeh and nutritional yeast – I had no idea where to get them or what to do with them! The recipes I chose made it really simple to experiment with them. Crispy Tempeh and Cottageless Pie were absolutely scrumptious! I’m converted


A doddle to make

Never had a recipe box before, it made cooking fun and food a doddle to make


Helped us try something new

It was fun to cook this as a family and helped us try something new. As meat eaters we found it really delicious and will definitely cook it again in the future

The Ozier Family

So fun and yummy

So fun and yummy and something new


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